HAUSIE is a brand development company that provides production as well as distribution services. We pride ourselves not only on our retail knowledge and partnerships but also our wide connections with suppliers, and developing market intelligence through our extensive and constant examination of sales environments both in China and abroad.


On the distribution front, with a permanent showroom in Shenzhen, China, we provide access to a significant and fast-growing group of retailers and generating orders as well as brand recognition through our experienced sales team in partnership with the brands.


On the production front, we provide both OEM and ODM support to brands in need of a solid foundation. We are experienced in dealing with custom clearing documents, export declaration and insurance certificates etc., which minimizes lead time to ensure a smooth and seamless delivery.



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HAUSIE currently only distribute to China market. We represent brands and look for potential buyers in China, offering a B2B service. We work closely with our clients to help develop their brand and discover their unique selling point. Through feedbacks from buyers, solutions are developed together, so improvements could be made to the brand to better fit into their target market.

HAUSIE connects brands with our extensive network of upstream suppliers, located in China, and oversees the whole production process, from procuring raw materials to quality control. The logistics and transportation will also be handled, providing an all-inclusive management.


For enquiries on our programmes, please contact us at info@hausie.com