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HAUSIE is a brand development agency that focusses on bringing foreign brands into the Chinese market. We immerse ourselves deeply within the brands we manage, offering brands in-house and bespoke strategies, from strategic distribution, market positioning, to merchandising. 

We pride ourselves not only on our retail knowledge but also our strategic relationships & partnerships with retailers, developing market intelligence through our extensive & constant examination of sales environments in China.

Operating multi-brand showrooms in Hong Kong and Shanghai, we provide access to a significant and fast-growing group of retailers and generating orders as well as brand recognition through our experienced sales team in partnership with the brands.




Showroom & Advisory Programme

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Roadshow Programme

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Retail Pilot Programme

The Showroom & Advisory Programme is most suitable for brands that have not previously entered the China market. HAUSIE shall provide detailed and hands-on guidance to brands every step of the way, from sorting logistics, setting price-points, to buyer relationship management.


For enquiries on this programme, please contact us.

The Roadshow Programme is designed under the strategic alliance and partnership with the China Fashion Association (CFA) in conjunction with a domestic trade show production company, providing the maximum exposure needed for brands to penetrate the China market.


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The Retail Pilot Programme offers brands a retail window to test the China market in key cities. Joining forces with an experienced retail operations company and local government entities, HAUSIE introduces B2C opportunities to foreign brands. 


For enquiries on this programme, please contact us.