We help leaders of industries design businesses that succeed on the cutting edge of change, fully embracing disruptive concepts, connecting with the new generation of customers at the epicenter of futurism. With more brands created from scratch, with less investment than ever, we equip our clients with the necessary tools to tackle challenges in an new era. The combined components of DNA, heritage, capabilities, and hidden assets embedded in the brand directly connects to consumer needs, emotions, and competitive environments. We help clients lay out the precepts and principles of the craft of brand building through the meticulous process of weaving together beautiful strategies that work.


  • Brand Positioning: We help clients create brands that are unique and credible in the mind of the target consumer with a sustainable position, maximizing customer relevancy and competitive distinctiveness, which in turn builds brand equity.

  • Brand Personality: We help clients build and define personalities that are true to its core value by dissecting and analyzing the 5 dimensions of Aaker’s framework -- sincerity, excitement, competence, sophistication, and ruggedness.  

  • Brand Expression: We help clients set the tone of their brand and provides the foundation for telling their stories in ways that differentiate, with consistent messaging and a unified voice, in combination with a strong differentiated value proposition and a personality that is original and authentic.

  • Brand Identity & Visualization: We help clients build a solid collection of all brand elements and compose brand style guide, shaping a brand identity that connects with customers who belong at the center of the brand diagram and  schematic.

  • Brand Equity: We help clients assess key elements that are quintessential to building brand equity -- loyalty, awareness, associations, perceived quality --  and create methodologies that are both strategic and visionary.

  • Brand Evolution: We study the evolution of brands and design ways to allow brands to evolve with customer needs, while maintaining the true purpose of the brand but adapting the brand mission as the world now moves at a near-constant flux.



We help clients pin down the process of creating, maintaining, strengthening or changing a brand along with shaping a well-defined brand strategy, which leads to consistent brand message, a strong emotional connection with customers, and higher brand equity, while evaluating prospects of building freestanding brands, co-brands, brand extensions, sub-brands, and endorser brands. Some of our methodologies include:

  • Graphics Research

  • Colour Research

  • Styling Research

  • Naming Exercise

  • Market Surveys

  • Fieldwork Research

  • Interviews